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In 1981 Poul Bek was among the first to see the opportunity for mobility scooters in Denmark.

He imported the first scooter from the manufacturer Amigo Mobility, Michigan, USA and started marketing this novelty in the Danish market. Over the following 25 years, Poul Bek and his wife Dorte Bek, developed the company based on the principle of always delivering the best and most reliable products at competitive prices and be the very best in product councelling,  training and after sales service.

As Poul Bek expressed it:

“We are DETERMINED to be the best supplier of mobility scooters – also AFTER the actual delivery”.

In 2006, Bek Scooter A/S was taken over by Thomas Bek, the son of Poul and Dorte, who is continuing in the spirit of the founders under the motto: “There IS a difference – come and experience it”.

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